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Lady-Comp fertility monitor is a natural option to prevent pregnancy or to become pregnant. A woman can get pregnant only six days of each menstrual cycle: five before ovulating and the day she ovulates. To take care of a few days a month, why permanently submit your body to the effects of a hormonal contraceptive method like pills? It is a natural contraceptive method. It lacks side effects, does not require the use of medications and is easy to use. German quality, since 1986. Calculate your temperature, and that's it! You should only take the temperature every morning when you wake up, with a sensor under your tongue. The fertility monitor records analyze and stores data from your menstrual cycles to tell you when it is safe to have sex and when there is a possibility of pregnancy. After taking the temperature, the monitor shows "red" light if you are fertile or "green" light if you are not. Place your order with Lady-Comp coupon code, discount and promo codes.

The Lady-Comp fertility monitor has a 99.3% effectiveness tested in two independent clinical trials with more than 800 real users. This "typical use" effectiveness represents the number of women who do not become pregnant for every one hundred couples who use the method for one year. Lady-Comp Basic is perfect for beginners and you can also upgrade later if you need more features. And, if you want to measure your temperature but also monitor other variables of your body, such as cervical mucus, luteinizing hormone or others; Lady-Comp gives you that flexibility as well as being able to consult various statistics.

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Do you want the complete program instead? Lady-Comp Baby comes with all the integrated options, so you can control your fertility and at the same time plan a pregnancy.  Lady-Comp is a new generation of dual monitors which provide a natural method and can be used both as a monitor of contraception and monitor for conception. These monitors have the most sophisticated programming on the market, analyze and indicate ovulation with a reliability of 99.3%, free of hormones and side effects. It allows dual use as much as to plan to avoid pregnancy. Lady-Comp is safe. The pearl index of 0.7 is higher than any other monitor on the market and is supported by numerous independent clinical studies.  Get the Lady-Comp promo code and coupon codes.

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