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Garden Trends is a gardener’s paradise. Buy garden seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, plants, bulbs, gardening supplies all in one-right here.  It is very easy to buy, browse the product catalog and choose the seeds you want to buy. Click on the image and add it to the shopping cart, when sending your order we will follow up by email to agree on the type of payment and the delivery. When you start your home garden from a nursery, you can start producing flowers and vegetables before the season. Apart from the options for seeding are endless. The process of germination may seem complicated, but the fact of making a nursery is really easy. Just go step by step and you will soon have a healthy crop of seedlings. Excited much? Get the garden ready with Garden Trends coupon code, discount and promo codes.

How to begin DIY gardening? Garden Trends shares the secret. Select a work area, a comfortable height table, and nearby water supply. Prepare your tools: seedlings or small containers, soil, watering can, labels, indelible marker, and open pollination seed packets. Selection of adequate containers according to the need is a must. Make a seedbed of almost any type of container with holes, which can contain 5 to 7cm of soil, plus 2 or 3cm so that the excess water does not overflow.

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The space in which the seeds will germinate must be spacious, so they will develop their roots and first true leaves better. Divide with seeds according to the varieties or containers with prefabricated divisions. There are containers, such as peat pots, paper or blocks of soil that can be transplanted directly into the ground. Many people plant in open containers and when the seedlings have their first true leaves, they transplant them into individual containers. At Garden Trends, choose seeds that match the number and types of plants you want to germinate, considering the space available. Your garden is ready to bloom now. Don’t miss the Garden Trends discount code and promo codes.


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