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Executive Shaving attributes the world of classic shaving. We stock eminent names such as Muhle, Thiers-Issard, Proraso, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Feather, Merkur and Geo F Trumper and firms including Arran Sense of Scotland, Marfin and Fitjar. The website dedicated to shaving where you will find all the information to turn your daily shaving into a pleasant ritual. Let's face it, shaving has become a lost art in recent years. Either because we try to keep our face soft or simply because we have to trim our beards to shape it, shaving is one of those tasks that men have to carry out several times a week. To stock, your favorite shaving products, cream razors, gels and also fragrances- use Executive Shaving promo code.

A man spends about 3,000 hours of his life shaving. If we consider these figures you will agree with me that, since we have to do it, better to do it properly. Forget about that last minute quick shave minutes before leaving home! Join us on this journey back to the golden age of the razor and double-edged blade. Use the shaving ritual as your Zen moment and as preparation to face the day and feel proud of your appearance. What is better, shave dry or wet shaving? Wet shaving, erroneously called classic or traditional shaving, or dry shaving, depending on whether or not we use water in the process. For a dry shave, it is best to use an electric razor, whether it is sheet or rotary. Never use a dry razor blade to shave, you will end up with deep cuts, pulls on hair and cystic hair. It is quick, it is less abrasive for sensitive skin and there is less risk of hairs getting encyst. Ready to shop? Use the Executive Shaving coupon code. 

Wet shaving by definition is when we use a razor blade to completely remove the hair from the face while we use water. Of course, if we use only a razor blade and water on the face, shaving will not be very comfortable, so we need a series of products so that our experience with shaving is much more satisfactory. We at Executive Shaving, bring you the best offers in shaving for enthusiasts: razors, shaving soaps, shaving brush, and other men's grooming products. Check the Executive Shaving discount code offer. 


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