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Divorce Online, taking divorce with mutual consent within 3 months is now possible and hassle-free. The steps of online divorce are simple, fast and cheaper than conventional divorce. The petition for divorce/dissolution of marriage is a legal document that the spouse who wishes the divorce presents to the court. Also known as "lawsuit" in some states, the petition informs the court of the desire of the spouse (called "applicant") to end their marriage. Presenting these documents in court involves the start of the divorce process. Once the petition for divorce/dissolution of marriage has been delivered to the spouse of the applicant, you are also notified that the divorce process has begun. Contact us now. You can use the Divorce online coupon code, promo and discount codes.

At Divorce Online, although the requirements and formats differ by state, the divorce / marriage dissolution petition typically contains the following information: identification of the spouses by name and address; date and place of marriage; identification of the children of the marriage; proof that the applicant or spouse has lived in the state or county for a certain period of time prior to submitting the petition; grounds for divorce; statement or information about how the applicant would like to establish finances, division of assets, custody of minor children, visits and other matters related to divorce. File your case now.

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In addition to the information described above, the petition for divorce/dissolution of marriage must request that the court issue some "orders" regarding certain family and financial issues while the divorce process is ongoing. If approved by the court, these orders usually remain in effect until the divorce ends. Temporary orders can decide on the following: which spouse will have custody of the children; the calendar of visits; payments for the support of children; payments for spousal support; conjugal home or in the primary residence; the payment of accounts and financial.

The spouses are sent a form by email in which both spouses will record their personal, family and patrimonial data. Likewise, they are informed in the said form of the issues to be solved in a mutual divorce agreement procedure and in accordance with the legislation in force. Once the mutual divorce request has been received through the form, a Separation or Divorce Regulatory Agreement is drafted. The spouses are then sent the regulatory agreement by email so that they can sign it. Once signed, the spouses return the Regulatory Agreement, and the separation or mutual divorce claim is filed. Don’t miss the Divorce online promo code and discount at  247 Coupon Codes.

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