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At Daisy Baby Shop, we have an amazing solution for moms to carry their babies in the most beautiful and practical baby slings and baby carriers.  The slings provide ultimate comfort and cushioning to the baby while keeping your back unhurt. You can easily carry your little joy anywhere you want- without keeping your hands affixed. Do shopping, chores inside and outside while keeping your baby in the baby sling with you. Our carriers and baby slings are indubitably a pleasure to own. Shop from the latest, and advance collection- and feel content for the rest of the time. To avail discounts, use Daisy Baby Shop coupon code, promo and discount codes

Daisy Baby Shop baby carriers and baby slings are super practical and easy-to-use. Adjust the bag before introducing it to the baby. We offer the largest in our caregiver size range. To make the bag smaller, pull the straps through the buckles. While holding the buckle, pull each strap equally to tighten the bag to the desired tightness. Without the baby in the sling, check for the correct fit by placing the bag on your shoulder. It should be on the top of the hip bone or approximately 3 inches below the belly button. Place the baby carefully in the bag according to the instructions given.

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If the bag feels comfortable in this size, you are ready to go. If the bag is too loose or too tight, remove the baby from the bag and adjust slightly by pulling the strap through the buckles until you have a good fit. Your baby should be tight with the lowest part of the bag near his belly button. If the bag is fully extended or completely collapsed and does not fit, contact customer service for a solution. 

Once settled, hold the baby on the "carry shoulder" arm and cross the baby's feet. Open the outer edge of the bag so that the bottom of the baby is clean. Align the seam with the bottom of the baby. Lower it down first, sliding your back down your forehead. The baby's feet will be crossed and on top of his body. Use the arm to support the baby's head while sliding the baby down into the bag. The baby should sit semi-reclined. Regularly check your baby's breathing while in this position. Enjoy fabulous discounts on Daisy Baby Shop promo code and discount at  247 Coupon Codes.


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