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It is vital to have protection for your PC or mobile device to shun the consequences of any virus, malware or spyware. However, you may not have money to pay for a good antivirus subscription. If so, then Bitdefender free may be the solution. Take advantage of its free antivirus version and find out what benefits it gives you. Bitdefender is a reliable antivirus. This protection and security company has become increasingly known through users. And it is because Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses in the market, providing superior protection to that of the competition. The company has 3 professional paid solutions to acquire. However, it also has a free Bitdefender version, which also guarantees you effective protection. The Bitdefender antivirus software performs computer analysis and is responsible for preventing any electronic threat from leaking into your computer. All thanks to real-time protection, a BitDefender free technology, capable of discovering through monitoring new threats or those that have not yet been discovered. Bitdefender antivirus also identifies any threat and sends it to quarantine automatically. By filling them in quarantine, you can access and view the entire file location path in Windows Explorer. So, later, you decide whether to completely delete the file that contains the virus or keep it. To enjoy discounts on your subscription, use BitDefender voucher code.

If you are looking for a free antivirus that is lightweight for your PC, Bitdefender antivirus is recommended. Well, despite being a cropped version, it occupies approximately 1 GB of hard disk memory. This is because this free antivirus for PC, adds 4 new processes in the background, for more complete protection. Bitdefender free has a very simple and intuitive interface from the first moment it is installed on your computer. The company has designed a framework that is displayed in the area of ​​notifications. There you can observe the current state of protection in which your computer is located. Also, you can enable and disable virus shields and scan modules with one click. Security and protection guaranteed. Enjoy advantages of acquiring the plus version of Bitdefender. Use BitDefender promo code.

No software protection company is going to give you the benefits of its antivirus pro, in a free version. Therefore, if you buy Bitdefender Plus, you will benefit from the particularities, such as personalized support. This is owned by users who buy some of the antivirus plus packages. Also, the free version does not have additional layers of defense against ransomware. Which are necessary, as they monitor access to your documents and passwords. One of the best features of this program is the protection against sites or web pages that may put your computer at risk. No matter what browser you use, when entering a malicious URL, BitDefender warns you of the danger and asks if you want to return or enter. The best thing is that it does not need you to add extensions in your web browser. It is one of the best antivirus compatible with Windows and macOS. To install, it asks you to create an account that will allow them to activate the program once installed. However, the subscription is free. Just deliver your name and email address. Enjoy the BitDefender discount code.

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