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At the Big Bathroom Shop buy bathrooms, shower cabins, toilets, sinks, faucets, lighting and more. The website offers an exclusive collection of design and decoration products for the bathroom. We are proud of the final result and believe that it is good enough to be complimenting your abode. Let's go there! Don’t miss the Big Bathroom Shop coupon code, promo and discount codes

Looking for heating in your bathroom? Would it be possible for a towel rack to offer the same heat as a radiator? A towel rack does not normally produce the same heat as a standard radiator, due to the design and construction of each product. Our standard panel radiators have a relatively large surface area which allows more convection heat in a room, usually with a "staircase" rail design, very efficient for heat distribution. Enjoy the Big Bathroom Shop coupon code and discount codes offer.

When buying a shower cabin, there is a wide range of products we offer. What will I need? For example, shower screen, shower tray, automatic valve, hot and cold valves, shower head etc.? We agree that the purchase of a new shower cabin can be a bit intimidating, which is why we tend to offer packages, in addition to the individual elements, both for shower cabins and the showers themselves. If a customer purchases a package, he/she will be able to obtain all the necessary components to install the article from a single view. We always recommend that these packages always be made with products of the same brand and collection, if possible, since in this way the probability that the products do not fit one another will be smaller, thus minimizing the possibility that something may go wrong.

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We have acrylic trays that are constructed from molded acrylic that is strengthened with fiberglass reinforcement and a wooden plinth. They are usually 40-50 mm high which gives a very elegant modern look to your bathroom. It is not recommended to install a waste pop-up on a shower tray, simply because there is a possibility that you could flood the shower tray and then your bathroom, which would be less unusual with one built-in and closed. Waste from shower trays tend to be "free-flowing", meaning they cannot be plugged. Don’t skip the Big Bathroom Shop discount code and promo codes at 247 Coupon Codes.


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